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Looking for Top Women Magazine? Consider Below.

When it comes to women magazines, they have been there since 1963. There are several problems that women face and one of the solutions to these problems is by asking for help from those with experience. If you are looking for ways to live your best life as a woman, reading magazines written by women is advisable. Below are top 5 magazines for women that you should consider.

When it comes to women magazines, homes and gardens takes position one for been the most popular. Home and garden magazine dates back to 1922. However, the title for this magazine can be misleading, since it covers other topics. This magazine is published monthly, within a year you will have several tips.

Apart from homes and garden magazine, you will also find cosmopolitan on this list. Apart from covering about love matters, cosmopolitan also covers other issues that women can relate to. They have a large audience around the world. It covers topics that relate to celebrity gossip, horoscopes, beauty trends and many more. Cosmopolitan is an all round magazine, so you will not miss topics that relate to politics, education and careers.

Thirdly, there is Prime Women which is the best magazine for women over 50. This magazine shows that women can still continue to live their lives even when you hit 50. If you are one of those women who want to be successful and empowered, consider purchasing this magazine. This is an online magazine that is written by women who are already accomplished. If you want to know more about fashion, travel and many more, then look for this magazine. With this magazine you can learn how to be happy even as you age.

Fourth on this list you will find O, Oprah magazine. The fact that this magazine is owned by Oprah Winfrey who is a billionaire helps in you in been inspired. For any woman who wants to follow in the footsteps of Oprah consider reading this magazine. Some of the topics that this magazine talks about are finances and wellness. If you are looking for ways to be the best version of yourself, consider reading this magazine.

Fifth on this list is Vogue magazine that target women who like fashion. Vogue has gained its popularity over the years, due to its focus on fashion and beauty. There are women who have interest in the latest trends, they can get a lot of information from this magazine. The magazine covers what models wore on the runway. This magazine will give you more information on what is best to wear on daily basis and what not to.

The above magazines are essential for women, so if you are looking for information that relates to womanhood look for them.