Listen music through hang drum

Hang drum is a different type of musical instrument which is made up of metal and some soft steels. It is different from other drums because the two half shells are deep curved and joined together rim living inside empty. It is different because of its shape and it looks like a space ship. In this instrument there is a hole at the center of the drum and also there are eight small tone field placed around it

How to play hang drum:

Mostly hangdrum is placed on the lap of the player and it is played through hands and fingers without any mallet. The player can increase or decrease the tone of the hang through tone field. Each tone field can produce different sound through rhyming of the music is produced. Check more hang drums to buy they.

Hang drums can produce a different sound from other drums and there are two generations of this instrument

  • First generation
  • Second generation

       In first generation: Hang there is a multiple scaling range through these 45 different sound models are created. Sometimes in the surround of the hang seven or eight sound frames are created it is due to the manufacturing of the hang in different years.

In this generation the creation number is placed and name of the sound models are mentioned and a signature of the inventor is placed in the top of the hang drum.

        In second generation: Hand drums of second generation uses a special type of coating of brass over the steel. The sound models are changed according to its name and they are different from first model. The hang can be curved up to 45 degree from the line drawn from the whole to edge.